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A UnitedService Companies security officer’s training, persistence and dedication lead to the arrest of a known pickpocket

September 24, 2015 at 3:00 PM

IMG_0256.jpgThomas Jones, a United Security Services, Inc. security officer, posted at the Hyatt Regency Chicago played a crucial role in the capture and arrest of a known pickpocket. The offender had already stolen from two guests and was attempting to pickpocket another at the time of his arrest on August 26, 2015. The quick thinking and professionalism that Officer Jones demonstrated throughout this particular case made him a clear pick for Officer of the Month for August.

Officer Jones and the rest of the United Security Services, USSC, team posted at the Hyatt used a combination of traditional and modern practices to accumulate the evidence that Chicago Police detectives needed in order to make the arrest and get this repeat offender off the streets. "We observed that the pickpocket was getting more aggressive in each of the incidents that led to his arrest," said Mike Patton, a former deputy chief of the Chicago Police and current director of security for USSC at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. "We know now that the man has 87 prior arrests—most of them for pickpocketing. The guests of the Hyatt Regency Chicago and our city’s tourism trade are a lot safer with him in jail."

Initially, a guest of the Hyatt reported that she had received a fraud alert from her bank and then realized her wallet was missing. After reviewing her statement and the surveillance film, our USSC officers identified two thieves, briefed the rest of the security team members and posted their photos in the command center. "The video showed a male bent down, taking a wallet out of the guest's purse. Then, the pair immediately left the hotel together," said Security Officer Thomas Jones, USSC security officer and Officer of the Month for August.

Approximately a week later, Officer Jones spotted the same man with two others near the east tower lobby of the hotel. Jones kept a close watch on the subjects from a distance as they walked from the front to the side of the hotel. Then, he saw them surrounded a female guest as she was entering a door in the lobby.

As she got to that door, the larger male offender got just ahead of her and acted as if his hand was caught in the door causing her to bump into him. At that moment the IMG_0261.jpgpickpocket tried to reach into her open handbag. Next, Security Officer Jones intervened and stopped this theft. All the other offenders fled the Hyatt property in three directions. Per his training, Thomas Jones stayed with the distraught guest and he ensured that nothing was missing from her purse.

At the end of August, Security Officer Jones was again posted in the east lobby when he observed the same man at the hotel. He identified him as the same man from the previous incidents straight off. Officer Jones, using his training and quick thinking promptly called for backup. The afternoon United Security Services team responded immediately and detained the until police officers arrived.

"Security Officer Thomas Jones has been assigned to Hyatt for about five years. His dedication to duty and knowledge of wanted offenders is evident in the incidents involving this pickpocket," said Richard "Rick" Simon, the president and CEO of UnitedService Companies and a former command member of the Chicago Police. "He is a great asset to United Security and the Hyatt Regency Chicago. It is a pleasure to accept his nomination for Security Officer of the Month for August 2015."

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