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At United Temps Services, we understand that your success relies on the quality and ability of your team. We provide temporary staffing solutions to meet your needs. We strive to seek out people who have been in the industry with credible experience. When choosing United Temps Services and our staffing solutions, you can rest assured that our employees are ready to handle any temporary employment you need covered. United Temps also offers full PEO service (Professional Employer Organization) for all your employment and Human Resource needs. A few methods we use to select our temporary employees are stated in the following:

  • We seek out referrals from existing employees.
  • Individuals new to the industry are teamed with a seasoned staff member to develop exemplary skills and work habits.
  • Whenever possible, we promote from within our talent base, frequently evaluating employees for advancement.

  • We cross-train to provide new challenges to existing employees.

United Temps offers temporary staffing options for any type of business for any length of time. Some of our many areas of expertise include:

  • Janitorial staff
  • Truck drivers
  • Stadium and Arena services
  • Hotel stewards
  • Doorman
  • Payroll (HR)
  • Child Support (HR)
  • Union reports (HR)
  • Electricians
  • Phone Solicitors
  • Emergency and disaster clean up
  • Hotel housekeeping
  • Worker's compensation (HR)
  • Wage deductions (HR)
  • Tax filings (HR)
  • And much more

Let United Temps Services handle all your temporary employment and staffing solutions.