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Hospitality Industry

United Security has been in the hospitality services and hotel industry since 1965. We currently perform hotel security in from California to Florida. Unlike other security companies, our security staff is specifically trained to provide premium hospitality and focus on customer services.

In order to provide your hotel with the best staff possible, we at United Security recruit former law enforcement and military personnel who possess the necessary people skills to succeed in the hospitality industry. All candidates are required to complete a background check as well as hold current licenses, CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications. United Security will provide your hotel with staff who have quality, ongoing training on key topics including legal aspects of security, effective interpersonal skills, and incident reporting.

Both our staff and managers are held to high standards in order to bring you a focus on crime prevention only to be matched with the best customer service. While daily security tasks are essential, we develop a philosophy of proactive security operations to prevent, disrupt, and mitigate criminal activity, as well as internal theft. Don’t settle for second best; hire United Security for your security and hospitality services.