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Aviation Services

U.S. Aviation Services provides complete fleet cleaning and maintenance services for the airline industry. U.S. Aviation holds a competitive advantage with its ability to provide elite aviation operational solutions through trusted partnership and exceeding experience. U.S. Aviation leaders have an unmatched history in the industry and especially in aviation services. They demonstrate exceeding success and innovation with every job at hand. These leaders recruit, train, lead and engage a team of employees who understand that the job we do speaks directly to the image and bottom line of our clients.

U.S. Aviation currently services seven major airlines including United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Allegiant Air, Alaska Airlines, etc. in twelve locations nationally, including Hawaii. With a national team of more than 850 employees, it comes at no surprise that U.S. Aviation can clean and service more than 300 flights a day. Services include:

  • Aircraft Appearance (Interior/Exterior)
  • Aircraft Provisioning
  • Interior Low-Tech Program
  • Aircraft Lavatory/Water Service
  • Aircraft Carpet Detailing
  • Ramp Scrubbing and Sweeping
  • Facilities – Janitorial and Maintenance
  • Aircraft Ground Handling
  • Interline Baggage Transfer
  • GSE Maintenance
  • Cargo Operations
  • Ticketing
  • Special Needs Customer Services (Wheelchair, Unaccompanied Minor Programs, etc.)
  • Guest Services (VIP, Security Services)
  • Security (Temporary Escort, Fixed and Mobile Security, Security Checkpoint)
  • Skycap Services
  • Transportation Services

In continuing efforts to exceed your expectations, U.S. Aviation is stagnant with delivering new methods of innovation and new solutions for a better customer experience. Innovations such as new technology are among the advantages U.S. Aviation has over its competitors. Found on our fleets today, our cabin service partners are now using the same professional steam cleaning system found in many hospitals to maximize cleanliness and minimize odors. The steam cleaning is done on heavy clean visits after traditional cleaning, and as it disinfects, it also removes residue from cleaning products. Results of this process include:

  • Cleaner, fresher smelling cabin
  • Little water residue – easily wiped away
  • More pleasant walk-on experience
  • Minimized odors
  • Disinfecting capabilities
  • Better customer ratings

The U.S. Aviation Leadership Team has an experienced portfolio coupled with being well versed and immersed in airport functions, policies, and procedures. U.S. Aviation believes in building a culture that promotes the ideas of respect, dignity and passion and to carry them through the operation as a whole. U.S. Aviation believes in combining streamlined processes, eliminating waste, an organized operational system, with leveraging technology to produce the component for a successful operation.