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At United Service Companies, the latest technology is a main factor of our top quality products and we are always striving to bring the best tech that matches your budget. With our customers needs ever changing, the latest technology lets us act upon the changed accordingly and not have to suffice the quality of our product. We invest in technology in order to serve our clients better. Your time is of value, and we strive to save it on service-related administrative tasks by ensuring you enjoy speedy response to emergencies and special requests and have access to information on hand.

Technology has been a large part of our success in the aviation industry. At United Service Companies and by extension U.S. Aviation Services, we have been successful in spreading our business in twelve different locations and seven major airlines through the use of the latest technology.

U.S. Aviation is one of the first companies in the aviation industry to use Springshot technology. Springshot uses an integrated mobile device that creates real time results of audit scores after an aircraft is serviced. Springshot is a mobile platform that allows the user to “play their jobs”. The meaning and reasoning behind that is the idea that it will keep the employee engaged. Springshot works with entertaining the idea of the four most popular trends in one system to reduce productivity costs and enhance the working experience for the employee. The four trends they have managed to intersect into one working system is the cloud data analytics, social networking, mobile applications and introduces a game-like environment. Employees become more engaged with their responsibilities on the job because they are “having fun” while producing efficient results for the employers. The Springshot software is being used by our U.S. Aviation branch and will soon become available for our janitorial, maintenance and private security branches.