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Going Green

At USC, green isn’t just a growing trend or a marketing scheme to earn your business. We embrace a created culture of environmental stewardship in all of our operations. USC recognizes that true success stands on our ability to minimize our environmental footprint and impact while still providing our quality service and products. Our Going Green program includes green cleaning, recycling and energy services that:

  • Enhances indoor air quality
  • Embrace environmentally responsible processes and products
  • Conserve energy and natural resources
  • Last but not least, saving our clients money

USC starts with green cleaning basics entailing Green Seal certified cleaning products. Depending on your needs, USC is ready to implement our green cleaning methods at your facility. With USC, you can stand satisfied knowing that green cleaning chemicals and products are in use day in and day out. The use of Green Seal standard equipment and products that contain certified chemicals and are CARB VOC compliant for an environmentally preferable cleaning process will keep your facility displaying the “Green Light”.

USC also implements the use of effective and efficient green janitorial equipment. High-speed vacuum attachments capture and collect find particles to enhance indoor air quality. The use of carpet and extractors and floor scrubbers that reduce water consumption is also part of our Going Green program. Our green paper products are Green Seal standard and are composed of recycled waste. The use of paper dispensed from large roll minimizes packaging and waste. Areas we strive to focus on through Going Green are the following:

  • Entryways inside and out – A crucial aspect in cleaning green is to collect and remove pollutants before they enter the building and to frequently clean the entrances and entryway mats.
  • Minimize particles and chemicals in the air – By meticulously capturing dust and dirt, using course spray for chemicals and applying the cleaner directly to the cloth rather than spraying the surface to be cleaned.
  • Use chemical management systems - For accurate product dilution. We train our employees to use chemicals efficiently and properly to minimize waste and maximize cleanliness, an important aspect of green cleaning.
  • Empty vacuum bags – Empty vacuum at the end of shifts or when at half capacity for cleaner and more efficient operation.
  • Ensure proper vacuuming - Extraction, rinsing and drying. Carpets can be a host for moisture and mold growth. Going Green means minimizing these problems.
  • Focus on preventative measures - Our janitorial staff practice personal hygiene on the job and keeps equipment clean and well maintained.
  • Focus on contact-points – Includes door handles, bright work and other areas where people come in contact with the facility or its fixtures. A main focus at these points makes Going Green easier.
  • Apply disinfectant in restrooms properly - Make sure the chemical has proper sodding time so that dirt and grime is thoroughly removed using less of the product.
  • Promote safety and prevent cross-contamination - Safer products and proper use and storage of chemicals help create a safer environment. Color-coded tools ensure that pollutants don’t get carried from one area (ex: restroom) to another.